NHHS Dance Presents ARREIS 2023


ARREIS, the popular annual dance production held in the Robert Wentz Theatre at Newport Harbor, is just around the corner. The show opens on Wednesday, March 29th, and runs for four nights consecutively, with closing night on Saturday, April 1st. 

Anyone is welcome to attend, from Newport Harbor students and their families to anybody else in the community who wants to enjoy the show. ARREIS has become a  highly anticipated event at Newport Harbor, and it is not uncommon for people who don’t attend Harbor or have family members in the show to come and enjoy the production. Many girls who are now in the dance program themselves came to ARREIS with their families when they were little, which inspired them to join. 

The dancers have been working hard and preparing for months to perfect performances covering a huge variety of styles and genres. The show includes performances from Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, and the varsity dance team, as well as an anticipated annual performance from a Men’s Dance Team. Entertaining videos about the dance program and NHHS are also placed throughout the show. 

Jamie Tanzer, the Dance 1-3 teacher and department chair, and Tara Olson, coach of the dance team, are in charge of the production and work hard to make a memorable show each year. They choreograph a majority of the performances, but several dances are choreographed by talented dancers on the dance team and by outside choreographers as well. 

Information about each dance can be found in the elaborate ARREIS programs offered to everyone upon entrance. The program includes a list of performances as well as details on dancers and the dance program, and letters from Tanzer, Olson, and Tanzer’s dog, Millie. 

The show begins at 7 pm, but it is better to arrive early and find the best seating possible in the theater. A 15-minute intermission will take place midway through the performances, when audience members will have an opportunity to purchase concessions and CDs of the show. Performances will continue, and the show should come to a close around 9 pm. 

Tickets cost 15 dollars for children and 20 dollars for adults. The theater seats around 500 people. However, as seen last year, the show often sells out, so be sure to get tickets as soon as possible. You can purchase tickets at the ASB Office, online, or at the door the night of the show. For more information on tickets or the show altogether, you can call (949) 515-6368 or follow the team on Instagram at @nhhsdanceteam.