Album Review: “Her Loss”


Her Loss is Drake’s eighth album, made in collaboration with Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage. Read on for a track-by-track review by the Beacon‘s Javier Padilla.

“Rich Flex” feat. 21 Savage: 5/5

Beat switches and the rawness of 21 Savage, with Drake matching him, make this song great. 

“Major Disruption” feat. 21 Savage: 4.5/5

The beat switch is really nice, and 21 Savage has a great verse with his crude tone on the uneasy beat.

“On BS” feat. 21 Savage: 3.5/5

The last minute of the outro isn’t a song and it kind of ruins it. 

“BackOutsideBoyz”: 4/5

It has a nice vibe and Drake executes this style well with his strong lyrics. 

“Privileged Rappers” feat. 21 Savage: 3/5

21 really carries this song, as Drake’s flow is weak by his standard.

“Spin Bout U” feat. 21 Savage: 5/5

Drake and 21’s flow and styles incorporate so well, and their lyrics are some of the best they’ve said in this album. 

“Hours in Silence” feat. 21 Savage: 3/5

The first minute is great on Drake’s part, and 21 switches the flow nicely. From minutes two to six the song falls flat. It’s not bad, but it’s very long, which makes the rest of the song kind of boring. 

“Treacherous Twins” feat. 21 Savage: 3.5/5

Drake’s flow and verses are weak compared to 21’s, which aren’t that much better.

“Circo Loco” feat. 21 Savage: 4/5

The chorus and 21’s part are great. The song ends smoothly, but it feels a bit rushed.

“P**** & Millions” feat. 21 Savage and Travis Scott: 4/5

A wonderful listen: you can tell the three of them really took their time on this one. 

“Broke Boys” feat. 21 Savage: 4/5

21 Savage goes off and outperforms Drake in this one, but Drake holds his own when the flow switches. 

“Middle of the Ocean”: 5/5

Great lyrics by Drake and wonderful flow on his best solo performance on the album. 

“Jumbotron S*** Poppin”: 2/5

Nothing special here. It seems like Drake did this for fun, making it easily the worst song on the album.

“More M’s” feat. 21 Savage: 5/5

Great chorus by 21, and Drake follows up with wonderful lyrics. 21’s flow is astounding in this, giving that famous menacing energy he’s known for. 

“3AM on Glenwood” feat. 21 Savage: 4/5

Great story by 21, and the beat compliments the darkness of his past. 

“I Guess It’s F*** Me”: 3.5/5

A very relaxed track where Drake isn’t really singing, more talking in a way that could be described as a modern take on poetry. It is really nice to listen to as the chorus adds to the relaxed in-your-feels vibe.