Summer Suggestions: Songs to Add to Your Summer Playlist


Shawn Anderson

Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk” is a must-have for any summer playlist, says Sebastian Loebig.

Summer is always a joy to remember and, better yet, to look forward to. Every year, people make playlists to kick off the summer and enjoy that music until the very last moments. As summer gets closer, there are songs out there that can make those summer moments even more unforgettable and will also relax you to the point that you enjoy the memories you’re making. Here are some songs that need to be in your summer playlist:

“Good Vibrations,” The Beach Boys

One of the most iconic surf bands out there, The Beach Boys are known to be big hits during the summer. Nowadays, people sometimes lean toward the same band or a band sounding like another one, and there isn’t as much excitement to making a summer playlist as there used to be. “Good Vibrations” is a song that I rarely hear being played during the summer, and I feel like it gives off the right vibes as soon as it comes on. When the song starts off it reminds me instantly of summer starting, and throughout the song I get a flow of happiness throughout my body and want to move with the song in joy. 

“A-Punk,” Vampire Weekend

Almost exactly like “Good Vibrations,” this song also reminds me of summer starting. When it starts, you hear the iconic, beachy-sounding acoustic guitar playing; it feels like a perfect wave slapping you across the face on the most clear beach day ever. The song carries that same feeling from start to finish, which is what I like the most about it. I haven’t heard this song played for the summer in years, and it’s time people start adding it to their playlists. 

“Adventure of a Lifetime,” Coldplay

Coldplay usually doesn’t go for the beachy, summer-type vibes, typically using strong lyrics that make the listener feel more emotional than joyful, but with “Adventure of a Lifetime” you can tell they took their time to make the best song to be happy to. This song can make you energetic, relaxed or even ready to dance. From start to finish, the song feels like it opens a whole new world to summer, like you are prepared to go on any type of adventure. 

“Televisions,” Current Joys

While it’s good to have energetic, exciting songs on a summer playlist, you need calming ones too. Even though “Televisions” isn’t the most relaxing song out there, the way the beat and the strumming of the guitar come in makes you want to just sit down in the sand, look out to the ocean and be happy that summer has started. It also makes you want to get up and enjoy that vibe with the people you’re with. 

“Space Song,” Beach House

When it comes to relaxing summer songs, Beach House is home to some of the best. “Space Song” is a track that truly takes over your body, making you feel calm and happy. When it starts, the guitar is strummed at such a beautiful tone that it paralyzes you, and from that moment until the end, the song makes you either move with the flow of the guitar or move with the happiness that is running through your veins as the song plays. This song is perfect for the start of summer, or for even the end of summer, as it could give off two different forms of satisfaction.

This summer is especially important to most seniors, as it represents all the struggles the coronavirus has caused. So it’s important to start this summer off strong. These songs will help you find that perfect playlist you need to get going.