Best of 2020: The Video Game of the Year is “7 Days to Die”

To all Newport Harbor gamers,

Please throw your money at this video game because it’s 100% worth it. At just $25, 7 Days To Die is a great steal. It’s a survival horror game that keeps players at the edge of their seats all the time. You spawn at a random location with nothing except the goal to survive. You don’t just take account of all the gruesome zombies that come at you from different angles. There is also hunger, stamina, thirst and shelter that you have to worry about. 

Every seven days, you reach “horde night,” a night filled with 10 times the terror you experience on regular nights. Zombies run faster, their abilities amplify, and there are way more of them. Sounds like a relaxing night. 

In order to survive the horde nights, you need to spend about 75% of your playthrough looting buildings. Your main goal is to have as many resources as you can, such as guns, ammo, food and medical supplies, to help fend off the zombies. The buildings provide you with these materials; however, they are infested with zombies. So, when you loot these buildings, expect a few jumpscares because the living dead will come out from everywhere: random corners, closets and through the ceilings. The trade-off is worth it, though; you get helpful supplies for the cost of your sanity. 

During my first 10 hours of playthrough, I thought the constant looting would become tedious. However, it was always fun exploring abandoned facilities and houses because there’s so much variety in them. 

The Fun Pimps, the developers, do a great job updating this game as well, making sure that players have endless features to explore to maximize their game experiences. They recently released the Alpha 19 update, which added a wider variety of houses, items and cooler-looking zombies. I have spent many hours exploring these features, as they are very entertaining. 

7 Days To Die is an excellent game for those who want a constant adrenaline rush. Even though zombies scare the life out of me, my gameplay experience has always been fun. I would give this a 4.8/5 star rating.

Anastasia Everding

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