Many colleges have changed their admissions requirements during the pandemic, so make sure you find the latest information.

Applying to College: Admissions Requirements

Requirements for colleges have altered greatly because of COVID-19. Make sure you’re looking at the most up-to-date information for the colleges you are considering applying to. One of the most common updates is the change in schools’ standardized test requirements. Look at each specific school to view its testing policy.

Because tests are no longer required at over 1,200 colleges, including some of the most competitive universities, other parts of your application might be scrutinized more closely, especially extracurricular activities, your GPA, your college essays and the rigor and quantity of courses you have taken throughout your high school career. For those who are not great test takers, try to highlight the other qualities you have to offer to colleges. A college application is not the time to be humble; it’s the time to boast about your accomplishments and qualities. When it comes to knowing what to and what not to write your college essays about, check out this easy-to-read article. College admissions officers have to read thousands of college essays, so use this article to make yours stand out in the best way possible and convey who you are as a person. Your activities list is also vital, so use this source to know what extracurriculars are worth including if you have limited spots on your list.

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