The Hope Behind the Helmet


With the 2019 football season over for the Sailors, they close out the year with an impressive overall record. This year, Newport Harbor made a name for itself as the JV and Varsity football teams went undefeated in their first seven games, with the freshmen not far behind. Harbor hasn’t seen football records this smooth in a while, leaving fans on the edge of their seats for Battle of the Bay game against cross-town rival school, Corona del Mar Sea Kings. 

As the Freshman began playing their first-ever Battle of the Bay, they found that it was a head-to-head battle with CDM, but a few mistakes down the road led to a loss for Harbor. This meant that the freshman team would enter their last game, which would take place the following week, with an overall record of  7-2. The JV team was determined to crush their rivals, but also fell short, holding a record of 7-2 as well. 

The next day, Varsity ran through the tunnel with their heads held high, setting an example for future teams. Starting with the ball, sophomore quarterback Nick Kim found himself driving the ball down the field on offense. A few great throws by Kim and runs by running back Justin Mccoy led the Sailors to a 3-0 start in the first drive. As they kicked off, the Sea Kings found their first touchdown in the form of a kick return. Four quarters filled with hard work later, the Sailors were well behind the Sea Kings in their race to the finish. As all three teams ended their ninth game sporting a 7-2 record, it was more of a win for Harbor than a loss.

Throughout all levels, Newport Harbor’s crushing victories have put them on the map. Their 7-0 start was the best since 1994 when the Sailors won the CIF Southern Section Championship. The Freshman, ending their season 7 – 3, finish with a great start to their career at Newport Harbor. JV finds themselves ending with a 7 – 2, ready to show next year’s competition what they can do. Our Varsity Team, making it far in the CIF playoffs, end their season with an amazing 9 – 4 record. The way each team battled against CDM has not been done in a long time. The strength in Newport Harbor’s finishing records across all teams is an encouraging mark for the success of the program for years to come and perhaps, the results of this year’s Battle of the Bay will be reversed with an outstanding win for the Tars.