Resolution Renewal

Resolution Renewal

A new year brings new experiences, new opportunities, and new ways to change and better oneself. Many people take advantage of this “clean-slate” idea by sitting down to write resolutions for the coming year. After hopes are jotted down on a piece of paper, the action begins. Fridges are gutted to only fruits and vegetables, gyms are clogged with perspiring newcomers, scales are pulled out from under the clutter of closets, mothers are called on a weekly basis. The world is filled with the bustling energy of inspiration and determination.   

But slowly, this atmosphere dissipates and settles. Many go back to their old ways; they give in to their potato chip cravings, gym bags bury themselves in trunks of cars, scales become obsolete, and mothers only hear from their children on birthdays and special holidays. Never does such a strong will weaken as quickly as the will for New Year’s resolutions does every year. 

What is forgotten when we sit down to write our plans for self-betterment is all the distractions and bombardments that come with a new year. As all these things begin to consume our attention we detract from the goals that we made only a couple months ago. The paper is surely lost and with it goes our determination and focus.

Every year we as people choose the date January 1 to start fresh. We fill ourselves with these hopes to become greater people inside and out, but soon after these plans are set, we no longer follow them. For a New Year’s resolution to be effective, it must be renewed. Too often are these resolutions just empty promises to ourselves written down out of habit or tradition. To truly change ourselves we must revisit these ideas on a consistent basis. If you are a person who needs constant motivation check monthly, weekly, or even daily if you must. This time of reading your goals for the year can grow into a time for self-reflection and a time to appreciate all the work you have done. 

Life gets busy and things are always moving and adapting, but don’t let your resolutions get lost in the current of everyday change.