All I Want For the Holidays…


The holidays are right around the corner, which means we must face the impossible task of choosing thoughtful yet practical gifts for our loved ones.  In order to save you all from regifting a musty, old candle given to you in 2014, I’ve constructed a list of gift ideas for anyone and every occasion.

For some people, material items are worth nothing compared to experiences and treasured memories.  Instead of shopping for a gift, you can promise them some sort of trip or event that they will definitely enjoy.  If the person you are giving the gift to likes theater or movies, you can take them to see a showing of a play or film premiering nearby, and maybe even go out to lunch or dinner before.  You can also take them to a concert or music festival to watch their favorite artist perform. Other ideas for an experience gift could be going for a road trip, dining at a fancy restaurant, something more high thrill like going to an amusement park or going skydiving, or something seasonal like skiing or ice skating.  Providing your loved one with some sort of adventure could be more personal and considerate than anything you could pick up in a store, for you are also giving them the gift of your time, company, and love.

Not everyone, however, can be given the precious gift of your company, but there are still plenty of great items to be given as presents.  While the weather rarely drops below 60 degrees in Newport, it’s always fun and in-season to purchase winter clothes for your friends and family.  You can choose from a wide variety of sweaters, bobble hats, fuzzy socks, scarves, and much more. Buying clothes allows for a large range in styles and prices, making it a perfect gift for anyone in your life.  A great small gift for your friends or neighbors is any kind of baked goods or a holiday treat. You can make cupcakes or Christmas cookies, or even DIY hot chocolate mix, all for a low cost. You could always go another route and buy the latest technology, such as airpods, watches, or phones.  If you don’t want to spend that much money, I’m sure a phone case will generate the same amount of excitement.

But sometimes choosing the perfect holiday gift isn’t easy, and suddenly you have a mere hour to throw together a presentation.  In the event in which you must resort to giving somebody a gift card, or even money, there are still ways to spice up your gift. A quick and easy project could be building a gift card tree.  All you need is a mini Christmas tree, small ornaments, and gift cards (all can be found at local grocery and craft stores). You can use ribbon and tape to attach the ornaments and gift cards to the tree, and within minutes you have a homemade, Christmas themed present for any of your friends or relatives.  You could also look on youtube to find an unlimited amount of tutorials about how to fold money into numerous origami shapes. This can make receiving just cash as a gift more exciting and mindful.

No matter who you need to give gifts to this holiday season, there are so many different gifts to choose from that can help you branch out from your typical go to’s.  Give your loved ones a gift crafted by creativity and care, and give them something they’ll remember forever.

Here’s What some Newport Harbor students want for the holidays:

“I’m hoping for a skateboard this year.” – Grace Headding

“I’m wishing for my shoulder to feel better again!” – Sarah McNeal

“All I really want this year is a boyfriend!” – Scarlet Garcia