Editor’s Pick: Summer Reads 2019


Charles Plante

By: Editorial Staff

We all are looking for a good book to read while tanning at the beach or relaxing by the poolside. With the help of some of Newport Harbor’s finest English teachers and the Beacon’s editorial staff, here’s a list of our top book choices for summer 2019!

  1. Pachinko (Historical Fiction) – Pachinko is a beautifully moving tale spanning four generations of a Korean family living during the Japanese occupation. From the marketplace to fine Japanese universities to gambling rings in the criminal underground, Pachinko tells a powerful story of characters fighting to survive in an indifferent world. 
  2. Scythe (Fiction) – In a world where death and disease has been conquered, the only ones who can end life and manage human overpopulation are scythes. When two teens, net heir of which wants to be a scythe, are chosen as apprentices, they must learn what it means to skillfully take life while avoiding losing their own. 
  3. Thunderhead (Fiction) – The sequel to Scythe, Rowan and Citra begin to challenge the ways of the scythe.

  4. White Rose (Narrative Poetry) – Kip Wilson retells the shockingly true story of Sophie Scholl, a German college student who challenged the swarming Nazi propaganda through forming a non-violent resistance group, The White Rose. 

  5. Heartstream (Thriller) – Perfect for fans of Black Mirror, Heartstream follows two best friends, Cat and Amy, as they experience a world through the use of an app, Heartstream, that broadcasts your every emotion; it’s the realest version of reality TV. Heartstream is a mind bending thriller that tells a story of obsession, fame and betrayal.

  6. The One We Fell in Love With (Fiction) – Triplets all fall in love with the same guy, Angus, their neighbor. But what happens when they all grow up and have to decide between love, happiness, travel and a job??? This book will warm your heart as much as it makes you cry.