Bouncing Back


Written By Lea Ozdere

Despite losing against Corona Del Mar in a very close-knit game two weeks prior, Newport Harbor’s Varsity Boys bounce back for the second Battle of the Bays basketball game. The game was on January 30th at 7:00 and although it was held at CDM, on top of being in the middle of a very important finals week, that did not stop the crowd of Harbor students from coming and passionately supporting their team. They already knew it would be well worth it as our players never disappoint – win or lose.

The first quarter started with an immediate lead for Harbor – one they would maintain throughout all four quarters. After Sam Barela starts the game with an interesting twist by kicking the ball, Harbor receives a foul. Fortunately for us, Corona Del Mar misses both of their foul shots and this was followed by a three-pointer shot by Will Harvey and a two-pointer from Dayne Chalmers, leaving Harbor with a 5 to 3 lead. The boys continue to impress with back to back shots from Robbie Spooner and Sam Barela, before CDM interferes with their second three-pointer for a score of 10 to 6. Will Harvey once again shines with another three-pointer, putting Harbor in the lead by over double the amount of CDM’s points. As the quarter comes to an end, Elijah Firey fires up the crowd with a three-pointer right as the buzzer signaling the end of the first quarter goes off.

Harbor starts off the second quarter with an advantage of a 16 to 6 point lead. Dayne Chalmers completely turns over the court, but unfortunately misses the shot he attempts. Corona Del Mar then receives a foul in which Harbor makes both shots. It seems as if CDM might be making a comeback when their players make two two-pointer shots in a row, but our boys do not let that happen and Chalmers does not miss his shot this time as he throws a two-pointer. Barela follows with a three-pointer, leaving the score to be 23 to 10. Corona then scores two points before Barela makes a three-pointer swoosh that energizes Harbor’s half of the stadium more than it already is. The second quarter ends with a three-pointer from Levi Darrow and a score of 30 to 14.

After a halftime break filled with performances from the cheer teams and mingling among everyone in the crowd, CDM starts off the third quarter with a two-pointer. This quarter is filled with a little more back and forth between the two teams. Half way through, Barela makes a three-pointer for a lead of 35 to 17. After a shot from CDM, Harbor makes two three-pointer shots by who seems to be this game’s shining star, Barela, followed by Robbie Spooner. The score is now 41 to 20 and the quarter finishes with a couple shots from CDM for a score of 41 to 23.

The fourth quarter starts with continuous plays from Harbor’s boys, starting with Chalmer’s two-pointer shot. Spooner then follows with two free throws after being fouled and a layup shot, and Chalmers comes back with another shot, giving Harbor a 49 to 23 lead. CDM ends this streak with a shot and the game continues back and forth. James McConnaughey turns over the court and follows with an impressive layup. Zack Forbath is then fouled and makes both of his free throws. The game ends with a shot from Corona, but a gratifying win for Harbor with a final score of 54 to 29.