Roger’s Gardens Christmas


With the holiday season rapidly approaching and winter spirits booming, many are searching for a seasonal getaway to distract from the summery feel of Southern California. For those of us staying home for the holidays, there are many places around town in which one can participate in the ultimate Christmas experience, my personal favorite being Roger’s Gardens.

Rogers Gardens, located in, 2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd, Corona Del Mar, is known for its sweet garden boutique and outdoor fixings. But, when the holidays arrive, it truly transforms into a winter wonderland. Pulling up to the driveway, one is immediately captivated by the glowing trees that are strung with twinkling, white lights. My experience finding parking at this busy time is a little difficult, but the wait is worth it. As I walked up to the entrance of Roger’s Gardens, I was overwhelmed with happiness and a sense of holiday cheer. Classic Christmas songs played as I passed the cash registers and entered the boutique. Inside, Christmas trees with there own themes fill the glowing room, displaying beautifully intricate ornaments. Elegant christmas nick nacks line every inch of every room while still providing space for stunned visitors. One of my favorite rooms is one dedicated entirely to the display of ornaments. Hanging from the walls, little glass santas, animals of all kinds, and more glisten in the warm light of the richly designed room, as shoppers find the perfect gifts for loved ones.

But the magic is not over yet, as once you walk into the outdoor section of the boutique, you are introduced to yet another world of wonder. A little train rides around an apprised garden patch to welcome you to the outside portion of the center. Personally, I find that the outside section is particularly beautiful as it somehow manages to incorporate my favorite christmas aspects into the plant nursery. Poinsettias, christmas trees and real pine wreaths are some wonderful and natural additions in the gardens. Along the winding pathway there are also little shelters which hold even more beautiful trinkets and ornamental items.

If you are willing to make the advanced reservation there is also a wonderful restaurant at Roger’s Gardens, known as the Farmhouse. It is near the back of the outdoor vicinity but can also be accessed through the back entrance. Bookings do fill up fast being that this place has a high demand of visitors.

Overall, going to Roger’s Gardens was definitely a wonderful start to the winter season and I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a visit this year. Although prices can be very high, it is also nice to simply enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. I hope you can allocate some time to go, and perhaps find it as wonderful an experience as I did.