Immigrants Move to the Border


Recently, thousands of Mexican migrants have been camping at the Tijuana border in hopes of being let through into the USA- legally or illegally. Thousands have gathered together in order to hopefully push through as a whole, because with larger numbers it is safer and much more empowering. The hopeful immigrants have been staying at a sports complex shelter. However the living conditions are very poor, very little shelter is offered by tents and few blankets.  The shelter does not even block the rain, leaving the people wet and cold in the night. Due to these horrible conditions, disease such as HIV and tuberculosis are spreading. As bad as it is, the power of making a statement seems to be worth the suffering for these people.

President Donald Trump states he will push these immigrants as far deep into Mexico as he can, as they are not legally allowed into America. Despite what Trump says, these immigrants keep their hopes high, remaining in the unstable conditions of the shelter.  

This began on October 12, 2018 with the caravan leaving Honduras to create a social media campaign. This campaign emphasized the horrors of the Honduras president in early October, and brought to attention in Mexico.  Which the current situation of gang violence, unemployment, and drought, many people saw this movement as an opportunity. Thousands of Central-Americans began to become apart of the campaign, desiring the possibility of a safe route into America. These thousands of people started to make their way to the border of Tijuana. It would have been more discreet to illegally cross the Rio Grande river, but as a part of this caravan campaign, there is more drama and media attention because this is occurring at Tijuana.

The immigrants’ journey is not easy, as it is hot and dehydrating, with little food and water. Along with disease outbreaks, there was a dangerous imbalance in health for the caravan. This led the Tijuana government to shut down the shelter, and send the migrants far back into Mexico.  With heavily unsanitary living conditions, there was no other option as they are not allowed into the U.S. This issue will continue for a while, because there are approximately 10,000 people waiting at the U.S. Mexico border. This large number combined with the Trump Administration’s strong stance against illegal immigration are enough to predict that this issue may not be quickly resolved.