Harbor Fest


The first ever Harbor Fest took place on November 16, 2018. Newport Harbor ASB prepared for months in advance to create a fun time, and to make it different from the typical dance. ASB discussed for a while whether or not to have a regular Homecoming Dance or switching it up to bring the students something new. Rather than a usual school dance, this one was created to be a music festival, including the bands Greer, AlNero, and Spendtime Palace, as well as a DJ and performances from our own teachers Mr. McClanahan and Mr. Constandse.

Starting even before the first day of school, ASB often discussed the logistics of how this dance would play out. They spend hours choosing between a normal Homecoming, Harbor Fest, and a Battle of the Bay Dance, which would potentially work side by side with Corona Del Mar High School ASB. They finally chose to do Harbor Fest: an alternative dance that they did not announce until November 4, surprising all of the students and teachers.

A junior in ASB, Lexy Peck, says, “planning it was a blast! ASB had dreams for the event and it was nice to plan something fun to replace homecoming.” Once they decided on this dance, they quickly got the ball rolling by booking bands and food trucks. Senior Emily Johnson, the Dance Commissioner of ASB, headed the committee that planned everything for Harbor Fest.

Two of the bands that played, Greer and Al Nero, are student bands.. Greer is a new band with students at both our school and Costa Mesa High School, and they had their debut show at Harbor Fest. Al Nero was next on the line up, featuring students from NHHS and CDM. Mr. McClanahan played the ukulele and sang, and Mr. Constandse played the guitar and sang. In between each band, a DJ kept the students entertained and hyped up. The headliner, Spendtime Palace, was the last performance of the night.Spendtime Palace played their original music and excited the crowd. There were food trucks people attending could stop by and free ice cream and cotton candy.

Natalie Williams, a senior at Newport Harbor who went to Harbor Fest says that “it was [her] favorite dance [she] has ever been to,” and she loved “dancing around with [her] friends to the live music music!” Overall, Harbor Fest was loved by all the people who attended it!