Dinner Theater


As a senior transfer student, the thought of joining the drama program was daunting. I didn’t know anyone, and this would be my first show at Newport Harbor. My old theatre group was really close, like family, but now I had moved to California and had to start over. I forced myself to sign up for Dinner Theatre, with the lurking thought that it would not be a good social opportunity and because I would be alone. However, Dinner Theatre offers a space for everyone to create and learn, without the commitment of a main stage show. What’s more?

The audience gets both dinner and dessert provided by the culinary department withe the purchase of their tickets- it is a truly unique and worthwhile experiences. Anyways, the production “Deep In Fidelity” was a collection for four one act plays all with the common theme of love and miscommunication. I played the part of Irma, an ex-nun and the cousin of Dan, who had just come home after three years of fighting in the Navy. In our show, Dan believes that his wife has been cheating on him, only to find out that each suspicion he has are proven incorrect. I think that Dinner Theatre has something to offer everyone, whether you prefer to be in the spotlight or behind the scenes. I usually participate in musicals, so participating in a play was out of my comfort zone. I think that that’s what high school is for: learning what you love and what you don’t. I highly encourage seniors to take advantage of what our school has to offer this last year.