Newport Harbor is Thankful


Written By : Bailey Allen 

Now that the madness of Halloween has come to an end, Sailors are beginning to prepare holiday festivities. After October 31st, many are eager to put up their Christmas trees and start their holiday shopping. But we can’t just forget about Thanksgiving! This holiday gives Americans a cozy feeling and the perfect excuse to eat all day! What’s not to like? But most importantly, this holiday is about the spirit of being thankful.

Thanksgiving is quite a popular holiday among students at NHHS. Thus, I asked a few Newport Harbor students to give their perspectives on what it means to be thankful and what they are thankful for.

Student Hannah Hiromoto explains to us that “Being thankful means that you are aware of what you have. It’s knowing that you are pleased with everything you’re given or provided and you’re satisfied”. She tell us that she is thankful for her family and friends because without them, she would not be the person she is today.

Another student, Grace Burke tells us that being thankful means that you are “happy that things are going your way and that you have great karma”. She is thankful for “the waves in the ocean, her car, her friends, comedy shows, and reality shows”.

Cielo Cuenca defines being thankful as “acknowledging and appreciating what you have and what you receive”. She is thankful for “everything… being alive”.

Siobhan Inch also gives her perspective on the matter. She explains that to her, being thankful means that “you appreciate the opportunities that you are given and how prosperous your life is”. She says that she is thankful for her “family, friends, her cat Foxy, food, water, and Calvin Harris.”

As you can see, the students of Newport Harbor have truly gotten into the Thanksgiving spirit. It’s definitely interesting to see how different students interpret gratitude and being thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, Sailors! Don’t forget to eat lots of delicious turkey and be thankful for everything that you have! After all, we do attend the coolest high school in the world… and that’s something to be thankful for 😉 Go Sailors!