One Last Goodbye


Written By: Lea Ozdere

On Friday, April 27, Newport Harbor hosted the Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse Senior Night on the Davidson Field. The boys were up against Marina High School, and they were more than ready to dominate, as they evidently did with an astonishing score of 21 to 1. But, more important than winning, this night’s game was about honoring and appreciating the seniors that had dedicated a great four (or less) years to playing lacrosse and helping to build and continuously improve the foundation of our incredibly successful lacrosse team.

The night started off with each senior charging down a portion of the filled, having their moment in the spotlight, as they were cheered on by their surrounding teammates, friends, and family. On the loudspeaker, the announcer introduced each of the seniors along with a list of things about them such as their likes, dislikes, and favorites. The announcer also read out each senior’s time and experience on the team, as well as the college they are planning to attend. Seniors had a chance to take pictures with their parents and be congratulated by their teammates, coaches, and school staff. Afterwards, the boys went out to do what they do best: win.

The first quarter began immediately with a score from Marina twelve seconds into the game. However, Harbor quickly bounced back and after a missed shot from Race Mooers (#69), Joe Fuller (#7) tied the score. Our boys had an another attempted and unfortunately missed shot by Hunter Rouch (#0), but we quickly recovered and scored again, bringing Newport up by one. The quarter continued on like this with continuous shots for Harbor by Zach Quinonez (#12), Jared Rabin (#11), Michael Morrison (#88), Rod Rodriguez (#23), and Joe Fuller again, making the score 7 to 1. Fuller went for his third shot, but missed and concluded the first quarter with Harbor in the lead, 7 – 1.

Newport started off the second quarter on the right foot, with an immediate shot, followed by a couple more made by Hunter Rouch and Rhett Farmer (#22). After some back and forth between us and Marina, Will Vasquez (#13) earned a point for Harbor, making the score 11 to 1. Our boys continued on a roll as Hunter Rouch and Joe Fuller both made their third shots of the game. The ended halftime with Newport’s lead 13 – 1.

The boys kept their streak of consecutive shots alive throughout the second half of the game as the third and fourth quarters were both filled with back to back shots by Harbor. Sophomore Hutton Wooters (#17) made a goal, followed by an unassisted goal down the field from Race Mooers. Joe Fuller made his fourth shot of the night and the third quarter ended soon after.

The final fifteen minutes of the game were filled with victories for Newport. Hunter Rouch, Rhett Farmer, Zach Quinonez, and Aidan Goltz (#4) all contributed to conclude the final score of 21 to 1. The game was a great success for Newport and a great way to celebrate Senior Night for the players that will sadly be leaving us next year. We hope for the best in their coming years of adulthood and thank them for an amazing experience on Harbor’s lacrosse team.