It’s Grease Lightning

It’s Grease Lightning

Written By: Sara Robinson & Natalie Williams

Last week the students in the Drama Program at Newport Harbor took to the stage for the NHHS production of “Grease.” The show ran on the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May from 5-7 in the Robin Loats Theater. Besides from the performance, prior to the May 5th performance, there were 5 vintage automobiles that were placed in front of the theater for the audience to look at and take pictures of to get in the Grease spirit, which was one of the highlights of that night.

Sophomore Kiara Gomez went to the show early in order to take pictures with the cars prior to the performance because of how amazing the cars looked. For Gomez, it was such an exciting addition to the “already amazing performance” and loved getting to see how the cars contrast with how cars we use today look like. Also, Gomez loved getting to see her friends perform and thought that they “all did so good and loved every second of the musical.”

Junior Ryan Guidotti starred in the show as Danny Zuko. Since the show had so many dates, there was two sets of casts for each separate weekend in order to give more students the opportunity to participate. Although, Ryan was Danny for both performances, and was one of the few students who got to perform for both sets of the musical. He loved getting to perform at school during the rally and show the entire student body what they could see if they chose to come to the show. For Guidotti, his favorite part of the production was “getting to make so many new friends that he never would have met without this show,” especially since there was two sets of casts which caused him to meet so many new people. Even though the cast had to go through very long practices and rehearsals, the cast of Grease truly put their hours spent on this to good use as the performance had such great energy and truly transported the audience members back to 1959.

Junior Julia Roudebush went to the performance on May 5th and was astounded by how much the NHHS production was similar to the actual movie. Roudebush stated that Grease is “one of her favorite movies, and getting to see her peers and friends perform this show” too made it such an enjoyable experience.

If you didn’t get to see the show, make sure to look for the next production the NHHS Drama class puts on for a great time!