Big Reputation


“You Belong with Me” are some of the many lyrics that famous artist, Taylor Swift sang at the Rose Bowl this past Friday and Saturday night to a roaring crowd of 60,000 people. With Charlie XCX and Camila Cabello as the opening acts, the concert started off with a boom. As the sun began setting, eager fans were already singing their hearts out and dancing through the aisles. When the sky became dark and the nighttime stars were glistening, the crowd could feel Swift approaching the stage, as all the lights shut off. Opening with her song, “Ready For It?”, Swift absolutely killed her first set as the crowd chanted each and every word. Swift is personally attached to each song lyric, because she writes them herself as a reflection of her own life. In total, three stages were set out because Swift wanted to feel an emotional connection with each individual in her crowd, as well as closely approach them during the performance.

Singing old country songs to new hip-hop lyrics, each song had the audience up and on their feet creating memories to look back on for a last time. Throughout the concert, Swift had a surprise guest appear on stage and the entire stadium was in complete shock. Hearing the first words of “Hands to Myself,” everybody instantly knew Swift was inviting Selena Gomez up to her massive stage to perform one of her hit songs. The two artists are also extremely close friends off the stage which made the performance that much more enjoyable to experience. Swift closed the concert with “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and each and every person was out of their seats singing as loudly and enthusiastically as possible. At the end of the night, this concert was one people were going to remember forever.