Senior Night: Girls Lacrosse


Written By: Kenia Ciraulo

It was the start of a memorable night, Senior night. For everyone in the stands and everyone on the field, most importantly for the seniors, Annie Mader, Adena Rothbard, Lysie Kenney, and Kobe Richardson, who were attending their last senior night at Newport Harbor high school, were excited to celebrate the players high school lacrosse experience. With all four players being loyal to the program since freshmen year it was end of an era for the girls, and an emotional one at that. The night started with both teams practicing which was followed by the celebration ceremony. The underclassmen of the Newport Harbor girls lacrosse teams, both JV and Varsity, lined up to make a tunnel of friendly faces for the seniors and their families to walk through, get their pictures taken and to receive the many gifts from their peers. At the end of the tunnel, metaphorically for the end or their high school careers and literally at the end of the underclassmen tunnel, there were balloons and pictures of the seniors as a remembrance of their season. speeches were prepared, speaking on the senior’s best characteristics and personality and how much they would be missed followed by a couple of words that the seniors had written down for those attending although a couple tears were shed, it was time to play lacrosse.

The game against Temecula Valley was about to start with our seniors in their starting positions the whistle had blown in the draw was taken. Newport Harbor winds possession and takes it to goal immediately making the first goal of the game. 50 minutes later the draw was taken and possession was won by the seniors leading to the last goal of the night, concluding in a 13-7 win for the Newport Harbor girls lacrosse team and most importantly for the seniors.