Pineapple Pizza?!


Sweet and Salty. A popular combination of flavors that has been idolized and loved by society’s foodies for years. While hated by some and adored by others as their only pizza of choice, pineapple pizza has been a topic of debate since its creation. Some critics like try to argue that the pineapple pizza is an unholy topping combination that should be banished to the dumpster. However, there is an undeniable truth to pineapple pizza that these critics chose to ignore; the popularity of the pineapple pizza is a result of its perfect balance of the taste sensations- sweet and salty.

Haters of the pineapple pizza vehemently deny being anywhere near such a repugnant topping. This refusal of the very idea of the pineapple pizza brings up the question- how many of these so called critics have actually tried said pizza? It is a clear trend in society that most people are followers, and therefore tend to agree with others around them to be accepted. Hence, it is quite reasonable that some of these critics aren’t really critics at all, but followers of an opinionated few. Through my own experience with questioning critics, some even admitted to having “never really tried the pizza” just because they were told they shouldn’t. Even Gordon Ramsay, a known hater of the pineapple pizza, criticized its very existence before he was forced to try it by his TV production crew. While many critics would like to throw out the pineapple pizza upon sight, maybe some should get beyond the bias and prejudice to really taste the unique combination that is the pineapple pizza.

According to legend, the pineapple pizza originated from an unexpected place; Canada.  A Greek immigrant, Sam Panopoulos, a Greek immigrant who moved to Canada in 1954, created the first Hawaiian pizza just over the Michigan border in Chatham, Ontario. While most may criticize these odd origins as proof that the pizza is taboo, since it was not created by the pizza masters of Italy nor its associated Hawaiian culture, critics gloss over the pizza’s surprising success. The fact that the pineapple pizza had such a humble beginning, yet managed to grow into a worldwide phenomenon proves that there is not only a curiosity for its taste, but true enjoyment. If the pineapple pizza was really as bad as some claim, then why does every pizza restaurant in the States, from the biggest chains to the mom-and-pop shops have it on the menu? Additionally, sweet and salty has been a combination adored by Americans for decades, and the sweet pineapple with the salty cheese executes this perfectly. Just like the standard pepperoni, the pineapple has rightfully found its place in the realm of pizza toppings.

Images: Today & BearHug