Fighting On!


Written By: Lea Ozdere

The Newport Harbor Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse Team took on Huntington Beach on Friday, March 30th at 7:00. The home game started off with the boys relaxing and readying themselves, before singing the national anthem and announcing the lineup. It was clear they have worked incredibly hard and learned a lot, hungry for a win that they end up getting.

The first quarter began with a great lead for Harbor, starting with senior Jared Rabin’s (#11) first shot. Our sophomore boys then follow it up with amazing goals by Aidan Goltz (#4), Hutton Wooters (#17), and Rhett Farmer (#22). The score is now 4 – 0, and senior Zach Quinonez went for the goal, but unfortunately aimed a bit too high. Rhett Farmer attempts a shot once again but ends up throwing straight at the goalie who blocks it. Sophomore Michael Morrison (#88) turned the field over as he runs towards our goal, but has the same fate as his previous teammate, and shoots straight at Huntington’s goalie. Senior Race Mooers (#69) scores yet another point for Harbor while Huntington still remains with no goals made. This wraps up the first quarter with a score of 5 to 0.

The second quarter begins with an amazing play between Breno Peterson (#6) to Race Mooers to Rhett Farmer to Hunter Rouch (#0) and back to Rhett, before making a goal and continuing Harbor’s successive streak. Michael Morrison and Hunter Rouch try for another shot, but unfortunately, they miss and Huntington then makes their first goal with a score of 6 to 1. Jared Rabin makes his second goal for Harbor followed up by a shot by Huntington. This concludes the end of the second quarter with our boys still in the far lead of 7 to 2.

As the boys returned from halftime, they are newly refreshed and pumped, ready to win this game. Right away, we start with a goal by Hunter Rouch and later Rhett Farmer. After a steady play between both teams, Farmer scores yet again, which ends the third quarter with Harbor up 10 to 2. The fourth and final quarter goes relatively uneventful but, nevertheless, Harbor remains up. Joe Fuller (#4) makes the last goal for Harbor before #21 from Huntington makes their final one. The game ends with a win for Harbor 11 to 3 and the boys gather round to congratulate one another and their hard work and cooperation.