Spring Break!

Written By: Lily Robertson & Emily Ziegler

Newport Harbor High School’s “Spring Break” is just around the corner! This break takes place the week of April 16th to April 20th. This is abnormally late compared to other schools which had their spring breaks almost 2 weeks ago. The reason our break is later is because we get out of school for “Ski Week,” that most schools lack. Also right before break begins our school is having a traditional day. On Friday the 13th, students will be going to every single one of their classes in one day having the usual block schedule we are all used to. Students at Newport Harbor never or very rarely experience this due to our block schedule. This allows us to have our classes split between two days and gives space to work on the bundles of homework given out every day.
On Friday classes will be fifty minutes long instead of the usual hour and a half. This will be very hard for some students to adjust to, but at least it’s for only one day! After this break will officially begin and students will be free to do as they please. Many travel for the week or do other activities. Kelly Crane and Hannah Harvey tell us they will be traveling to La Quinta. This is a very popular place with students from Newport Harbor for Spring break. La Quinta is in Palm Springs, California and gets very warm. Another popular location is Cabo, Mexico. Kylie Kiersted and Paige Bryant have told us they are going to Hawaii for another warm spring vacation. Some students also plan to go to Coachella. This is a music festival in Palm Springs that goes through the month of April. This festival is very popular with teenagers. With the break coming up many classes are taking tests this week before leaving for break.