Your Classes, Your Choice


Written By: Lily Robertson & Emily Ziegler

Throughout these past weeks Newport Harbor students have been going through the registration process. This is when the students pick classes for their next year of high school. Sometimes this is a very stressful process. College has become harder to get into over the past decade or so, causing the classes you take to matter much more than ever before. The correct number of AP classes, the introduction to our IB program, new subjects and old, are all components of the stress building up in students. Many students already have their dream school in mind and an idea of what they want to be when they grow up.

This makes picking classes much easier because they are able to understand what they need in order to enter their specific school and career. Those who have no clue about their future are struggling. If you have any questions about what classes are best for you, you can see your counselor to discuss them. They have information on all classes and know the circumstances necessary to do well in the class. The best thing to do during registration is to ask questions. Next year you do not want to be stuck taking a class you’ll regret for the rest of you year due to it being uninteresting, difficult or other problems. The amount of classes there are to pick from can often stress students out. Trying to find a balance between challenging yourself and overloading yourself with work can often be hard but just remember your counselors are always there to help and just take the classes that are right for you.

Image from Common Application