We DIG It!


Written By: Lea Ozdere

The Newport Harbor Varsity Volleyball Boys are off to a good start to their season as they win yet another match on Tuesday, March 13th, against Redondo Union. The home game consisted of three sets, without needing to play the remaining two because Harbor won each match. After their usual warm-up and introduction, and a performance of the national anthem, the boys began their first set.

Right away, Harbor took the lead with spikes by Jack Higgs and two great blocks by Dayne Chalmers, resulting to a score of 4 – 0. After resuming from a timeout called by the other team, the boys had their first miss. There were a few good rallies, with the ball making it into the crowd during one, when a great hit by Jack Higgs made it into the corner of Redendo’s side of the court, Harbor was up 10 – 6. A few more good plays for Harbor with Joe Karlous setting to Cole Pender, who spiked the ball over. The match continued in Harbor’s favor, and the first set finished at 25 to 11.

The second set started with good plays on both teams and smoothly continued this way. Running to save the ball from touching the ground, Joe Karlous dove to keep the ball up for Harbor to remain in the lead, 6-2. Our boys continue with great teamwork and effort, especially between Dayne Chalmers, Joe Karlous, and Cole Pender who performed spectacularly together. Harbor was up 22 – 15, before Ethan Talley missed his serve. With only one point left in second set for Harbor, Cole Pender’s serve hit the net, bouncing back and ricocheting off a player’s hand before making it over and earning the point for Newport with a score of 25 – 16.

Beginning the third and final set, it was the first time Harbor did not take the immediate lead, although only behind by one point. Redondo and Harbor earn points head to head as each team scored after the other, creating consistent ties until Harbor clenched the lead. Our boys continued to widen the space between the score as we rose 19 – 11, and eventually 22 – 13. Cole Pender finished the third set with a light toss over the net and a final score of 25 to 13, concluding the game as Newport’s win.

The Varsity Volleyball boys have always showed great skill and determination out on the court, but what’s even more charming is their tendency to stay optimistic and completely supportive during and after a game, not only to one another, but the opposing team as well. We are extremely proud of their hard work and hope to continue to see more wins for Newport.