Re-LAX, We Will Get Them Next Time!

Written By: Kenia Trujillo

On Monday, March 19th, Newport Harbor’s Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse had their sixth game of the season against, ranked top 10 in boys’ high school lacrosse, Foothill. The game ultimately ended in a score of 15-3, Foothill coming out triumphant from the intense battle. The effort was left out of the field after the constant sprint to gain possession on both parts.

Before the game, our boys were hyped, determined to give it their all. As they walked out to the field with the music behind them, you could tell, they meant business. After warm-ups, the team screamed their cheer and took their starting positions on the field. Both teams mirroring each other on opposite ends of the field waiting for the whistle to be blown, the draw was taken, resulting in Foothill’s possession. The score quickly became 4-1, leaving Foothill in the lead until Newport Harbor senior, Joe Fuller #7, scored the first goal for his team, and the crowd went wild. Nearing the end of the first quarter, the score was 7-1, Foothill leading. Newport defence was on a roll, not letting Foothill score for 3 minutes. Harbor then intercepted a pass brought the ball down to the offence. Foothill reciprocated our interception until the ball was knocked down from their hands into our own. The ball was taken by Foothill and scored off a fast break to goal, leaving the score at 11-1, Foothill in the lead.

The second half, Foothill came out violent, resulting in 3 fouls, each player taken out for a minute. We began a draw with possession, running down the ball in a fast break to goal, when Newport Harbor senior, Race Mooers #69, scored, adding point to our score making it 2-11. Throughout the last 15 minutes the fight was on, with shots from Rhett Farmer #22, Zach Quinones #12, Hutton Wooters #17, Aiden Goltz #4, and Joe Fuller #7. The score was 15-2 until Newport Harbor’s Joe Fuller scored another shot, assisted by Aiden Goltz, making the score 3-15. Near the end of the second half Foothill missed their last two shots including a behind the back shot. This concludes Foothill’s victory on Monday, but we will get them next time. Fight on sailors!