High School Pressures


In light of recent events, awareness of student mental health and well-being have been increasingly brought to fruition. The faculty and administration of Newport Harbor and schools around our community have put this issue on the tops of their agendas. But, the change begins with you, the student.

Grades are not everything and they certainly do not define you. There is more to life than your GPA and your transcripts. Students, you need to learn how to enjoy their life in the moment rather than endlessly worrying about their future. Colleges want to admit genuine students who are eager to learn; not overworked and sleep-deprived students that are under constant stress as a result of school. Furthermore, there are 5,300 colleges in the United States; not just UCLA, USC, UCSB, Columbia, Harvard, etc. So, you need to understand that you can truly go and do whatever your heart desires; whether that’s beauty school, starting their own company, the military, Harvard, etc. Your options are wide open.

Parents and families should also encourage this way of thinking. By letting their child know that they will love them regardless of their grades or academic accomplishments, students learn to strive on their own terms without outside pressures or stress.

Change begins with you, the students. Change begins within the community. The community must come together, collaborate and make these reforms a reality.