Weapon of Choice: Sticker


Beginning January 8th, over 100 members of the senior class were pitted against each other in the annual Senior Assassin challenge. The rules are simple. Each senior is given a target via Twitter, and then have to “kill” their target by sticking a sticker onto them. These ambushes are kept at bay while at school, but only if contestants wear the safety item of the day. You have probably seen students walking around campus in oven mitts, helmets, inside out clothes, and other funny outfits. These safety items are made to be funny for all students to enjoy, furthering the fun atmosphere of this not-so-friendly competition.

With the incentive of over $900 for first prize, it is no surprise that the seniors become very enthusiastic about this event. Senior Tristen Warmington was taken out of the competition on Tuesday during the Black Purge. During the purge, all safe items and safe zones do not apply. Because of this, her assassin (Natalie Trane) asked Tristen’s twin, Rylee Warmington, about Tristen’s whereabouts. Tristen was “killed” in the Newport Beach Public Library. Remembering the day, Tristen said that she “was wearing camouflage in order to be stealthy,” but the instant she walked into the library Natalie Trane sprinted towards her and put a sticker on her arm, “killing” her. Why didn’t she run? According to Tristen, “she doesn’t have a flight or fight response and completely froze when she realized she was about to be “killed.”

Senior Adena Rothbard made a kill by waiting outside of a Youth and Government meeting for her target, Jake Bashore. As soon as the meeting was over, Adena took her chance and “killed” her target by hiding in the bushes and waiting for him to get in his car. Next, she says that she “was sticking the sticker on him as the door shut on [her] knee and cut it! But the battle scar was worth the kill”.

At this point in the game, there are only approximately 30 seniors still alive. As the game goes on further and further, the people who have already “died” hope for the announcement of a zombie purge, in which the dead can kill anyone still alive. Stay tuned for what happens next!