Men’s Varsity Basketball: Newport Harbor vs. Marina


Throughout the Men’s Varsity Basketball season they have been successful through wins and losses, only getting better. On January 17, 2018, Newport Harbor vs. Marina’s basketball game was another great example of an intense game. With a score of 47-41, Newport Harbor finished victorious!

First quarter starts, Harbor makes the first shot, setting the tone for the game. The ball travels up, down, and through the hoop making the score making the score 10-7 before Harbor’s Sam Barela, #20, drains a shot making the score 12-7, with one minute left, our own in the lead. The quarter ends with frantic attempts by marina to make one last shot. Newport Harbor huddled talking about the previous quarter reflecting and getting ready to go out strong. The second quarter begins with Harbor’s  Zack Sweis, #32, makes a shot of a foul on him, giving the opportunity to take foul shots. Sweis makes another shot, making the score 15-7, more than doubling Marina’s. A 3-pointer was later made by Harbor’s Jake Bashore, #22, hyping up the crowd and furthering our lead. Marina then made two shots by #25 followed by more shots from both teams. After exchanging the ball and printing up and down the court the score came close at 24-20, Newport Harbor still in the lead.

The cheerleaders did their routine during half time, introducing our starting line up onto the court, cheers all around. The whistle is blown, first shot of the second half made by Dayne Chalmers, #34, starting off strong. Marina soon shoots a 3-pointer and a few shots surpassing our score, leaving us at 32-29 at the end of the second quarter with shots made by Marina’s #25, #30, and #11. The last quarter began, so did the race to win this game. Sam Barela, was fouled leading him to make both foul shots, closing the gap between the scores. Soon enough we are tied with five minutes left of the game, it was anyone’s game. As the clocked ticked towards zero, shots were made left and right, marking the score as 38-36, Marina in the lead, though not for long. Newport Harbor’s Robbie Spooner drained a 3-pointer that put the crowd on their feet, soon followed by 2 foul shots made by Dayne Chalmers, which was then copied by Marina’s #11. One minute left, score: 45-41, Harbor in the lead, Sam Barela scores one last shot securing our win with a score of 47-41, as the clock hits zero with the ball in our possession. The crowd cheered as hugs and smiles were exchanged between the players. Another win!