Homecoming Hype


Written By: Lea Ozdere (Photo Credit: Daily Pilot)

On October 20, 2017, Newport Harbor High School had its homecoming football game against Fountain Valley at Davidson Field. We may not have taken the win, but we had enough hype from our supporters to lift our spirits about not only the game but the dance as well.

For Harbor, the game had a slow start when Fountain Valley scored three touchdowns and kicked three field goals, leading with a score of 21 to 0. By halftime, the ball moved back and forth between teams, but unfortunately, the score remained the same.

Despite the score, the cheers from Harbor continued on through the halftime show with performances from the cheer team, baton, and pep-squad. Lastly, Harbor’s talented dance team performed, enlightening everyone’s spirits. Halftime ended with the appearance of the homecoming court, and the crowning of the senior queen. Rolling out on Willy Wonka decorated carts, freshman princess Mary Jones was first escorted onto the field. Next was the sophomore princess, Zoey Palmquist, and the junior princess, Carolyn Altshuler. The senior nominees Jade Mendoza, Jillian Russell, and Holly Kanen were then presented and the anticipation of who would be crowned queen was building up. All three girls looked incredibly beautiful and deserving, but sweetheart cheer captain Jillian Russell became Newport’s 2017 Homecoming Queen. Congratulations to her! Halftime came to an end as the crowd settled down to continue watching the game.

Harbor came back with fire, scoring the first touchdown of the second half, earning the first for the home team. The touchdown was made by quarterback and captain of the team, junior Sam Barela. This was then retaliated when Fountain Valley returned another touchdown. The crowd roared as Harbor once again came close to making a touchdown, but unfortunately, we did not succeed. There were two more very close attempts, but all were unsuccessful and Fountain Valley was able to make one final score.

Although we may not have won, our enthusiasm and school spirit were enough to leave us satisfied. With everyone excited about the fun dance that was happening the following night, the night came to an end.