Field Studies: Zion National Park

Written By: Lysie Kenney

A couple of weeks ago, students at NHHS had the amazing opportunity to visit Zion National Park. The field studies group got the chance to hike up to Scout’s lookout or Observation point, and wade through the narrows and learn about their surroundings all while camping with their friends. From singing around the campfire to struggling against the current to cooking meals for one another, everyone had an awesome time.
Mrs. Kirby was one of the chaperones on this trip and she said that she “enjoyed the entire experience maybe except for the bus ride.” This was Mrs. Kirby’s first field study and visit to Zion and she said it was “nice to see students in this environment” outside of school and that she was surprised with how pretty it was. Mrs. Kirby follows the “US Interior on social media and sees lots of pictures” and it was “cool to be there” because it was prettier than the pictures. Mrs. Kirby had to learn a lot being a newbie to field studies and she “had to ask about everything.” Another thing she was surprised about was the people who went on field studies. “Not all of the students fit my preconceived idea about who went on field studies” and that anyone could go on a field study regardless of your athletic background.
Field studies is about community. Everyone is welcomed with open arms. A sense of adventure is key when going on field studies because on each trip there is so much to learn about the environment and yourself. Something newbie Christian Delgado loved “everyone’s comfort with one another. No one talks to people they don’t really know but during field studies, everyone opens up.” The field studies family is just that, a family. Even if you don’t know very many people at the beginning of the trip you will learn to know everyone. Zion is different from other trips that field studies goes on. Senior, Rachel Del Valle thinks “Zion brings out the best in everyone because none of us are on our phones and we all see how we struggle when we are under extreme physical pressure.” Field studies is a way for people make new friends and experience new challenges.
Field studies trips are not something you want to miss out on! As Christian put it, “no one has a bad time.” It is about creating new experiences with new people. You go through so many new things just on one trip. Between waking up at 6 am to make breakfast for everyone to hiking 6 miles at a steep incline to walking 2 miles against a current. “We live in a bubble and most people haven’t ventured very far outside of this bubble and these trips help you go beyond that bubble,” said Rachel Del Valle. Zion was a trip to remember, don’t miss out on the next great adventure!