Peter Luger Steakhouse


Peter Luger Steakhouse was established in 1887 in Brooklyn, New York, where it quickly became a neighborhood favorite. After some financial problems when the owner died, the restaurant fell into despair. But, it has now bounced back and returned to its former glory! In 1985, Peter Luger was rated the top steakhouse in New York and it has won a Zagat award every year since.

On my way to the steakhouse, I was nervous. My family and I were running almost an hour late for our reservations that we had made five months in advance. Reading the reviews for Peter Luger definitely did not help with the nerves that continued to rise throughout the entire car ride. Almost every review for the place was something along the lines of “Best Steak Ever!!! But the service is terrible.” I was convinced that we would not be getting in. But much to my surprise, the servers found us a table and seated us just moments after arriving. The service, as far as I could tell, was great. Our waiter had a smile on his face the whole time and he clearly had a passion for the food. We ordered “Steak for 4” which consisted of two Prime Dry-aged Porterhouse steaks and a couple crisp slices of bacon as an appetizer. The bacon was about half an inch thick and it was amazing! It was juicy and savory, a great combination, but for $8 a slice it better had been. The main dish came out on a huge plate and our waiter cut the steak directly in front of us. He sliced the steak into half cut strips — each one was packed with such delicious flavors. We ordered our steak medium-well and it came out perfect. (Expert Tip: A good steak should be cooked at least medium-well. Most are cooked medium-rare.) This steak was by far the best steak I have ever had in my life, and probably will be the best till I die… or go back.

My overall all experience at Peter Luger Steakhouse was an 11/10. The food was satisfyingly delicious.  The service, despite the reviews, was excellent. So if you have the money and the reservation, I highly recommend you and your family go experience it yourself.