Remarkable Wisdom


UCLA basketball coach John Wooden claps his hands and shouts encouragement to members of his Bruin team during a practice session in Los Angeles, Ca., March 7, 1967. (AP Photo)

John Robert Wooden was not only a phenomenal basketball coach at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) but an incredible person to all. He has inspired a variety of people across the world with his books and other motivational sources. Wooden invented the Pyramid of Success, which contains fifteen building blocks, all leading up to “personal best,” the highest block on the pyramid. He makes society aware that a solid amount of hard work, determination, and confidence are required in order to reach the top and to be successful. Each characteristic and trait on Wooden’s influential pyramid helps others accomplish their goals throughout the course of their lives. In addition to the pyramid, one of the man’s most famous books is Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and Off the Court. Many who read this work of literature walk away feeling like a better person, because of Wooden’s shared wisdom and knowledge.

When people hear the name John Wooden, they think of the man who won ten NCAA championships in a twelve year time period, marking the most ever in history. Although he was proud of his championships, he focused more on instilling qualities such as a positive attitude, immense effort, and strong character in his players. He wanted his team to walk off the court feeling like better athletes, but also better people. Yes, Wooden has won many championships. But he has also provided people with words of wisdom beyond the basketball court and continues to do so. “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do,” was one of Wooden’s best quotes and to this very day, it continues to inspire people of all backgrounds. Everyone showed their appreciation for the man’s influence in their lives by putting a statue of him in front of Pauley Pavilion and also creating his own signature show, which will be released soon.