UCLA Players Steal In China


UCLA Basketball had an amazing season last year, finishing with an unbelievable record of 31-5 overall. They faced a tough loss but fought hard in their battle against Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Playoffs. Although UCLA finished strong, many of their best players graduated or were drafted into the NBA. Lonzo Ball was drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers, and both Ike Anigbogu and TJ Leaf were drafted to the Indiana Pacers. As thrilled and ecstatic as the team was, they were also devastated that they were losing some of their top players. They also knew that a lot of hard work and determination were going to be qualities that they needed to fulfill and implement in themselves if they wanted to continue their legacy after they had left the team.
This 2017-2018 season is a massive rebuilding year for UCLA and many incredible freshmen have been recruited to help start the team’s season off strong. Some of the most discussed incoming freshman are LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill. Bruins fans were extremely excited to see these men play for UCLA. In fact, the UCLA team and Georgia Tech flew all the way to China to play each other and to promote basketball in another country. But the night before the game, the same exact freshmen everybody was looking forward to watching were caught shoplifting in a Louis Vuitton store directly across the street from their hotel. They were arrested that night, causing them to not be able to play in their season-opener game against Georgia Tech, leaving their teammates and fans very disappointed. Although Ball, Riley, and Hill were bailed out the next morning, they were required to stay in Hangzhou, Japan at a lakeside hotel. Many people were excited to watch these high-school stars transform into college basketball starters and eventually get drafted into the NBA, but they ended up crushing many fans’ high hopes and destroyed not only their own reputation but their team’s name as well. These men definitely did not allow their teammates to start off strong. There are a variety of questions to be asked but the real one is, why would they steal in China and when will these men be playing? Once released, hopefully, Ball, Riley, and Hill can turn their embarrassing beginning into an incredible and unforgettable season.