“Hot and Dangerous”

“Hot and Dangerous”

Written By: Natalie Williams

Recently, wildfires have ravaged across California and caused thousands of people to evacuate their homes. In Northern California, fires in Napa Valley destroyed houses, wine country, and more infrastructure. Locally in Southern California, the Canyon 2 Fire began on the morning of Monday, October 9th in Santa Ana. Due to poor air quality and possibility of fire spreading, nine schools in Orange County were closed for the safety of the students. As of the evening of October 11th, the fire is 60% contained and expected to be fully contained by October 14th.

Although Newport Harbor is far from the flames themselves, which are located in Anaheim, Orange, and North Tustin, the Sailors student athletes are being affected by these wildfires. The smoke and ash from the Canyon 2 Fire resulted in poor air quality that caused games and practices to be cancelled for many sports. Field hockey has had three games this season cancelled due to wildfires, and varsity senior captains Annie O’connor and Sarah Sheldon say that they “were bummed that the games were cancelled but for the sake of everyone’s safety, it is better this way”.

Volleyball has also been affected by the cancellation of games due to the Canyon 2 fire, and junior Helen Coyne says that “the game on Tuesday that was cancelled would have helped carry over our momentum from that game to the game on Thursday, and given us more confidence and energy”. Across multiple sports, the sailors have been affected by the wildfires.

Girls water polo had their practice cancelled due to the poor air quality, so instead junior Kili Skibby recalls that they “decided to do a team bonding activity and go make posters for our boys water polo battle of the bay game vs. CDM on Friday, October 13”.

The Canyon 2 fire has affected our community through cancellation of sports, as well has destruction of homes and structures in Orange and Anaheim where the fire rages. In this dry season with fires across California, we hope for safety from these fires and precaution in dealing with them.