#GrabYourWallet – Political Freedom or Marketing Fail?


It’s no surprise that the heavily divided election of 2016 would accordingly have backlash on the rest of America, and hitting family first, daughter to the current president, Ivanka Trump has in the span of two weeks had her clothing line dropped partially or completely by six major retailers; Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Belk, T.J. Maxx & Marshalls, Sears & Kmart, and Burlington. Most notable was Nordstrom who, even prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, decided to stop stocking the Ivanka Trump line, which had since her father’s election, most especially in weeks prior to November 8th, experienced a 70% drop in sales. The line suffered economically from $20.9 million in sales to $14.3 the following electoral year and according to Nordstrom, they “believe that the strength of a brand is measured not only by the profits it generates, but the integrity it maintains” in response to the conflict regarding their decisions. While this may be construed as surprising and perhaps unethical, geographically, the evidence justifies the means. The highest congregation of Nordstroms are in California, New York, Illinois, and primarily liberal states against the 1/3 of stores being in republican areas. Even the more republican states were dominated in areas that were swayed towards or voted for Clinton, which despite 46% of Americans voting Trump, clarifies Nordstrom and their economic decision which may very well be in the favor of the company and their sales in the market. These clothing retailers are not among the only companies distancing themselves from the namesake, Uber’s CEO has decisively removed himself from Trump’s business advisory council for the many alleged remarks made by the people in response to his relations with the president. Despite these companies attempts at discreetness their sudden market behavior is questionable, many of which are instead making broad general statements of their silent boycotts, Donald Trump has defended his daughter via Twitter, directly admonishing Nordstrom for Ivanka being “treated so unfairly.”
Are these companies justified in their decisions against the Trump name? Or are their political parties merely harming their own companies and integrity on the market?
This is not a matter of wrong and right but determining the line of political freedom and ethics in the market.
Written By: Kyoko Downey