Opinions on the 2016 Presidential Election


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.


Written By: Tori Carrese


*Editor’s Note: This does not reflect Newport Harbor High School’s view on the election, this article just allows students from NHHS to voice their own personal and valuable opinions.
The 2016 presidential election has been one of the biggest shockers that America has endured. As we all know, the Democratic nominee was Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee was Donald Trump. Both of their campaigns however, managed to divide our country to disheartening levels. When asking our students about their thoughts on the election, their responses varied from positive to extremely upset. When Junior Mia Martinez was asked about how she felt in regards to the outcome of the election, she said “I am not happy and just by looking at me that should be obvious. I am the embodiment of everything Trump, his campaign, and supporters hate about this country. I am an educated Mexican woman that comes from immigrant grandparents, so to know that the president of my country does not like me or support my family- it worries me. This outcome truly makes me disheartened. I’m worried now more than ever. This is because he doesn’t even need the support of his followers anymore, instead he will have support of the entire United States government.” As you can see, whether it be on social media or evidenced in the safety pins on t-shirts, many individuals are worried about Donald Trump’s presidency.unnamed-6
Many mayunnamed-7 be opposed to Trump and his views; but there are many people who support President Trump. For instance, senior Tony Vasi, when asked his thoughts on this year’s election, said “Regardless of my political views, I think that this is a good opportunity for the Republican Party to show that their way works. They have the presidency, the House, and Senate, and will most likely have the Supreme Court as well. With all of these components, they should be able to do a lot- hopefully it will be a lot of good.” Not only is Vasi hopeful about this year’s winner, he also believes the Republican party can make a real difference in the world if they chose to use the power to better our country.
While some may be shocked by the elected president, hopefully we can all keep in mind that everyone needs to stay together.