Spirit Week & Homecoming

Spirit Week & Homecoming


Written By: Amanda Wertheimer, Ava Glassen, & Carly Yasko

This upcoming week is spirit week, and thus, each day ASB has created four different fun-filled costume days all relating to the theme of homecoming, Classical Disney movies, in order to build excitement for the upcoming event. In addition to these fun dress-up days, there will also be activities at lunch, all related to Disney, and prizes will be awarded to those who participate! Monday is twin day, in relation to tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum from Alice in Wonderland. So grab your best friend and decide on a super cute matching outfit, even if it is a white shirt and blue jeans. Also, this day is Halloween so if you are dressing up as something within a group, make sure everyone participates! The lunch activity will be two people licking icing off a translucent icing board at the same time, to model the Disney movie, Frozen. Wednesday (Tuesday we have off) is pajama day so set your alarm later, roll out of bed, eat breakfast, and come to school. This creative idea is similar to Sleeping Beauty pre- Prince Charming. During lunch, you will be able to bob for apples like in the classic Disney film, Snow White. Thursday will be western day to mimic Woody or Jessie from Toy Story. Just wear a cowboy hat, boots and jeans, and you will be set for the day. Thursday’s activity at lunch will be a water balloon toss. The final day of spirit week falls on the day of homecoming. Start off this exciting day by getting into spirit and dressing up; it will make the whole Homecoming experience even better! For this final day of spirit week, just wear Hawaiian attire, in relation to the classic Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. On Friday, be sure to participate in the final lunchtime activity: a hula-hoop contest! During the contest, participants will be dressing up in hula attire (such as grass skirts), so be ready to channel your inner hula dancer! Grab your grass skirt and coconut bra to be ready for this year’s homecoming week. It will be a great way to get ready for the big dance!

This year’s homecoming is going to be one that you do not want to miss! The theme is Disney, so get ready for a magical night! Newport Harbor’s homecoming will be at the AV club in Irvine, and according to all ASB it will be “a night to remember!” This week is definitely going to be spirit filled around campus so don’t forget to buy your homecoming ticket and join in on the fun!