Insiders Perspective: BOTB Rally

Dance rehearsals, late night decorating sessions, costume finding. These are all things that ASB to that goes into the creation of our school rallies that most students don’t realize. The Beacon talked to Holly Kanen Junior Class VP about what it’s like to put on rallies like the past battle of the bay rally and the approaching Homecoming rally. “It takes a lot of hard work and effort but it all pays off in the end. The rallies are so fun to be apart of and I got the chance to be on both sides. Freshman year I was just a student watching them but now that I am apart of ASB I’m the one putting it on.” We asked her why ASB chose the purge theme this year for battle of the bay and she told us that at their ASB camp earlier in the summer another school has used that as a theme and they thought it was really clever and would be fun to do for the rivalry.
Along with the rally itself ASB has seemed to create a tradition over the past two years. Members create motivational posters for the different sports playing in their own battle of the bay games, plastering what looks to be 100 posters from ceiling to even the floor. Holly told us that this process is very time consuming but the end appearance is so amazing and motivational for the other students walking into school that day. The poster making takes a lot of progress and then on the night before the rally ASB members have to stay at school usually until 11 creating the amazing display. Being a regular student watching these rallies we often forget that the whole event is put on by our own students who take many hours from their day to motivate our school and provide us with amazing events. Now that the Battle of the Bay rally has passed the next step for ASB is Homecoming.
We tried to get Holly Kanen to give us some insight on Homecoming and the theme. Although she couldn’t tell us the theme just yet she said that it will be a very fun night and the halftime show as well as rally will be something to look forward.
Written By: Kate LaGrandeur