Victory in Defeat: BOTB Football


Despite Newport Harbors fourth straight loss in their huge football rivalry between Corona Del Mar, signs of character and potential were revealed by not only our players but fans as well.

Cal’s future quarterback Chase Garbers threw for five touchdowns (three which came in the second half) and 277 yards. He led his team to yet another victory for the Sea Kings making them 2-1 in the season. Taevon Le who set a record for receiving yards in the previous week was double teamed by Newport Harbors defenders. This left senior receiver Billy Shaw with 1-on-1 man coverage, and as a result caught two touchdowns in the second half for 34 and 57 yards, which devastated the sailors. The sailors quick score in the third was soon followed by a explosive drive where Garber pulled off a 48 yard run, the drive ended in a 8 yard touchdown by Moses on of the two main running backs on CDM.

CDM’s first drive was quick and explosive, only 70 seconds and ended in a 27 yard touchdown to Murphy (junior running back). Harbor’s next drive was more tradition and they took the ball down the field slowly each gain short but effective. This drive was put to an end with a 30 yard field goal by Chandler Siemonsma. Harbor had a rough first half, despite moving the chains they only scored two field goals resulting in a 14-6 lead by the Sea Kings.

The third quarter was a new start for the Sailors, fired up they dominated on both sides of the ball. Senior defensive end Alex Michelson stripped Garber for CDM’s only turnover of the night, the loose ball was recovered by defensive tackle Blake Terry. The offense wasted no time in pushing the ball up the field, and senior running back Cole Kinder rushed for a 27 yard touchdown on first down. This was momentum changing for the Sailors finally giving them hope they could win. Instead of going for the two point conversion that would tie the game at 14-14, sophomore Ethen Schroeder kicked the extra point which brought the sailors to within one.

After this touchdown, the Sea Kings dominated the rest of the third quarter by constantly running at the defence. CDM’s Moses and Murphy both ran for more than 85 yards in the last 8 minutes of this quarter. And ultimately, in the fourth quarter CDM pulled away by scoring 2 more touchdowns, which lead them to a 41-13 win against the Sailors.

Newport Harbors head coach Jeff Brinkley stated that “We let them hit a couple of slants and the kid [Shaw] broke it, and that kind of wiped it out”. He also added that “We’ve got to learn to play with teams like this because the teams in our league are equal to or better than these guys. They’re probably going to be in the league next year.”

Although the score did not turn out in our favor, our students and fans represented our school in a respectful matter, unlike our opponent’s student body who are now facing numerous violations and penalties. Due to their actions not only has their homecoming dance been canceled for the first time in school history but they are also forbidden from ever returning to OCC stadium.


Written By: Jarrtan Ellis-Josch & Nathan Medina