Girls Volleyball BOTB


Sea Kings Take the Win But the Sailors Will Be Back Stronger Than Ever

At this year’s Battle of the Bay Girls Varsity Volleyball game, although not pulling through with the win, Newport Harbor was extremely enthusiastic andsupportive of the team. Even though it was an away game, many students and family members came to watch, decked in blue and white, ready to cheer on the team. Delaney DeCinces number 15, said that “the energy made the game so much more exciting and competitive.”
The girls started the match by scoring several points, but CDM caught up with them, ending the first of five sets with a close score of 20 to 25, going to CDM. Number 4, a Junior named Vivian Donovan, stood out with her powerful overhand serves, which often challenged the other team. Donovan said that scoring so many points in a row “felt amazing and built momentum and energy for [the] team, which was something [they] needed.” The girls began the second game behind CDM, but they didn’t stop fighting for the victory and ended the set with a score of 25 to 11 points, again going to CDM. Number 13, a Freshman named Jasmine Amirie, was another star player in the game and took the court multiple times throughout BOTB. She made several important hits and saves, helping to keep the team strong and motivated. “When the other team is pulling ahead, we try and focus on limiting their long streaks of points, and we try to limit our errors and keep the momentum on our side,” shared Delaney DeCinces on how they stay focused and motivated in a game when the other team seems to be winning.
The third game went to CDM, ending Battle of the Bay for the Sailors, but the team fought hard to the end without giving up, and our students’ sportsmanship shined through the loss. Donovan keeps positive with plans to “work so much harder every day in practice from now on, so [the team] will be ready to fight when [they] step out onto the court with [CDM] again.” Though the Sea Kings triumphed this year, the Girls Volleyball team will be back again next year to take back the crown and show them who really rules the bay!
Written By: Jillian Birt-Russell & Casey Church