Back to School


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As summer sixteen comes to an end, the beginning of the school year kicks off. The nerves, excitement, and sadness that always come with back to school returned to the Newport HarbDisplaying IMG_4697.JPGor students as September 6, 2016 arrived. Once the first few weeks went by the students became more acclimated to their school schedules and doing what it takes to get to their classes by the time the bell rings. “Coming back to Harbor for my junior year I was most worried about the classes I was going to take. This year I am enrolled inAP US History which is a harder class to take and requires a lot of work. But surprisingly it has not been that hard and the chapter summaries are every other night which is nice” shares Betsy Calder.

Displaying IMG_4698.JPGBack to school also means getting to rekindle friendships that were out of touch during the summer, but also meet new people. “The beginning of my school has started off pretty good, I am enrolled in some classes that I have found interesting, meeting new people, playing water polo, and love the teachers I got. This year I am most looking forward to meeting other students!” says Kaela Whelan. Through the transition of summer to fall and vacation to school there are many transitions that happen within each school year.

One of the most anticipated changes for Harbor students is sophomore to junior, the year Harbor students can finally go off campus for lunch and are considered upper classmen. Rusball Venalonzo reveals that, “Being a junior at Newport Harbor High School feels really cool Displaying IMG_4696.JPGbecause it means you are almost done with high school, but also have more responsibilities that are challenging like test prepping. The best part of being an upperclassmen is probably not having to worry about leaving campus, and becoming more mature with more responsibilities.” Back to school time has started to come to an end as the month of October is right around the corner, the students have made it through the first month and can look forward to see what the rest of 2016 and 2017 have in store for them.

Written By: Andie Lee