Finals Week Studying Tips


As the countdown gets shorter and shorter and summer lies in the near future, students have to conquer one last hurdle to earn the freedom of summer vacation. As students cram for their final exams, they have mastered certain tricks to combat the stress that comes from this busy time of the school year- and would like to share these tips with others. IMG_5334

1. Find something that helps you focus. Sophomore Andy Myers says that he is going “to study and go to ultimate study mode where I will let Queen Bey’s music guide me to success.” It’s definitely important to find something that helps you focus; for Andy this is Beyonce.

2. Take breaks. Although studying is important remember that your body will break down if you don’t take occasional breaks.

3. Study the things you feel you need the most help with. If you feel fully ready for one of your tests don’t stress about it and instead take that time to focus on a test you may be more worried about. In other words spend your time wisely.

4. Review notes and find ways that will you help you get the most information. Seth Roberts says “I would reviIMG_0903ew my notes, do study guides, maybe study with friends.” Definitely a good idea to collaborate with friends and review notes and other resources.

5. Don’t stress too much. Finals are definitely important but don’t stress yourself out too much. Realize that once you’ve studied you’ve done practically all you could do to prepare to ace your finals. As the year finishes up stay strong for these last few weeks and get ready to walk off campus proud of your hard work.

Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey