Mrs. Barry- Teacher of the Year


As the school year is coming to a close, the time has come to show your teachers your appreciation for them, (whether it’s heartfelt or in hope of a grade bump). Either way, it’s important to show gratitude towards your teacher. In lieu of this, our beloved biology teacher, Mrs. Barry, got an early start by receiving the well-deserved award of Teacher of the Year earlier this month. Mrs. Barry has been teaching for thirty-two years in the areas of Biology, Honors Biology, Physiology, and AP Biology (being her favorite).
bfd832f1-2ae3-409b-a95a-ea3952cfc4c9Initially, Mrs. Barry did not pursue teaching: She worked in labs prior to becoming a middle school and high school teacher. Mrs. Barry said that she “had always loved playing teacher as a kid” and had remembered that years after college although she originally had planned a career in medicine. Her true passion for teaching is shown through the success in her students and her commitment to them. As a result she has received many awards such as the Bill Boyer award in 2008, which awarded by faculty, and now the teacher of the year award. The science department is very proud of Mrs. Barry representing their department well. Congratulations Mrs. Barry for all of your well deserved accomplishments!
Written By: Tim Donald and Trudy Padden