Senior Exit Projects

As the school year begins to come to a close seniors are busy doing their senior exits projects. In this last task to achieve their diploma students are asked to conduct an experiment where they test a new way of life that pushes them out of their comfort zones for a whole 10 days. From becoming speechless to getting rid of your phone these ten days truly put the seniors to the test.

Cooper Hendrix is still struggling to decide how to use this valuable opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes. Hendrix says “I’m not sure, I have like three approved projects, and I’ve been doing all of them, but I haven’t really selected just one yet.” This project is definitely something that takes lots of research and preparations. Billy Mazzerelli decided to give up social media and replace it with physical activity. Mazzerelli says that “I liked it cause I realized how much I was using my phone in a day, and I learned how much more productive I was. And plus their where some benefits to the physical activity.” For freshmen, sophomores and juniors start getting ideas for this amazing project and make the most out of this amazing opportunity.

Written By: Megan Carey and Katie Clark