ASB Postponed Elections


With the school year nearing the end, ASB typically holds an election in which students campaign and  vote on the next year ASB positions during the month of df85dadc-796f-4c7a-8c1f-61124e100ee6April. This year, campaigns only lasted about a week. After interviewing current Junior Class President, Jake Toohey we got the insight into why the elections were postponed. During every election a rulebook is handed out, in the first week of campaigning, “multiple rules were broken by multiple people leaving some candidates disqualified because of a minuscule rule” says Jake Toohey. Because the consequences for rule breaking was never defined in the book administration was aware of how much this election meant to the candidates and decided they would clean up the discrepancies and called for a reelection in May. This brought mixed emotions as “some candidates were relieved and grateful and other were bummed out but understood the rewrite was for the best” according to Jake Toohey who has been a member of ASB since freshman year.

Written By: Trudy Padden