Meet a NHHS Legend

Meet a NHHS Legend

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting the incredible Dennis O’Hern! Even if you have never met Mr. O’Hern, you have probably seen his picture in the NHHS Hall of Fame or would instantly recognize his enthusiastic voice, because he does the announcements at our school’s football games. But even before he was given this exciting position and honored for his achievements, he was already working as a teacher on campus. Mr. O’Hern shared so many wonderful experiences with us and now we can share them with you! Here’s what he said:

Mr. O’Hern was a teacher at Newport Harbor for thirty-three years and he taught many classes such as anthropology, US history, world history, and geography. He was very involved on campus and even “started the AP US history [program] back in 1975” at our school. Mr. O’Hern taught and inspired many of the teachers that work at our school today including Mr. Robinson, Mr. Torribio, and Mr. Govaars.

As a teacher, he had to carry out “an extra curricular duty” on campus andde3db815-a80d-40a3-adbe-3256b2133316 he was first asked to be a football coach. Mr. O’Hern had “played [the sport] in high school” and really enjoyed it but he also liked hunting and the two activities conflicted during the fall season. However, when the school asked if he was interested in being the announcer at games, he gladly accepted and “[he’s] been doing it ever since.” Even though he wasn’t paid for the job back then, now that he does receive money for announcing, he chooses to “donate it to the Newport Harbor Education Foundation.” For fifty years Mr. O’Hern has pumped up the crowd and kept track of all the action taking place during the game from the announcer booth. He claims that his favorite part of the job is being able to “stay connected to [former] students and coaches.” He also enjoys the excitement and spirit during “Friday night football games.”

He is extremely enthusiastic about the Davidson Field renovations and looks forward to the fantastic improvements to the stadium that the Sailor community will be able to enjoy during football season! Feel free to stop by the announcer booth and say hello to this friendly and generous NH legend!

Written By: Jillian Birt-Russel & Emma Botros