JV Girls LAX


53913451-1d20-42f2-a834-283d2d3f553cThe 2016 girls JV and JV Blue teams have found the season so far to be very successful, both teams have seen positive results from the effort they have put into playing the game this year.The girl’s lacrosse teams have been doing very well all season and it comes from the teams putting in all the time in practice, carrying out the drills, finishing parfait fitness days, and runs through the back bay. The Junior Varsity team’s record is 13-1-1 and the JV Blue team had a 14-0-0 record going into the last few weeks of the season that they have left. Beginning new sports in high school offers a variety of opportunities and lacrosse is no exception to that.d89f19dd-41b3-430f-bcf6-a28511ff6aec

JV Blue player, Delaney Knipp says, “Lacrosse has completely changed my life. By joining my team I have become friends with a group of girls I never would have seen myself with otherwise. Everyone is incredibly supportive and through the team my confidence has spiked upwards. Also my favorite part of playing lacrosse is that you get to run fast and that it is a speed game. ” When asked about what contributes to the JV wins,

7215db5c-6767-45bd-9bd4-a3217e7bebfaSarah Sheldon said, “I believe our wins reflect how much work we put into our practices. We are constantly improving. Also as a team we are friends so playing together is natural. The reason why I play lacrosse is because it is fun!” Another player of the JV Blue team, Jade Rettig, shares that her favorite part of joining the lacrosse team this year is “getting to know my team and playing the games.” Lacrosse combines the mental and physical strength of every player on the field because strength in those areas are key to finishing out the fifty minute game. The development of this part of the game along with the actual skill of playing lacrosse can be thanks to the coa5e5455ad-eb62-47e2-83b8-2103179c19bcches and dedication of the players.

Written By: Andie Lee