Many students are currently making the decision; IB or AP? We are here to help sophomores with this decision. When I first came to Harbor, I asked many people what “IB” was. I was never given a straight answer and was always confused as to what it entailed. Well, here is information that may aid you in your decision:

  1. IB tests are focused on short answer
  2. AP tests are focused on multiple choice
  3. In the IB Diploma Programme, you must write an extended essay, take TOK, and be involved in a CAS project, which is an activity/service for your community, take three HL courses, and have 6 IB classes total
  4. TOK means Theory of Knowledge- which currently is offered as a seventh period class and as a night class for athletes
  5. HL IB courses are two years and students are given college credit for completion
  6. SL IB courses are one year and students are not given college credit IF they are not in the IB Diploma Program
  7. Also, IB helps if you want to go to college in a different country

If you are interested in IB or the IB Diploma Program, talk to Alma Di Giorgio for more information and your counselor! If you are a freshman, then attend College Knowledge Night next year to get extra information. Keep in mind that both AP and IB courses look great on college applications and prepare you for college.

Written By: Jordan Golden