Men’s Dance Team

Mens Dance Team

The Men’s Dance Team, a team composed of juniors and senior, made a memorable appearance at the Aries Dance Show last month. They were trained by the very talented dance team. Their performance was based off of the music video of Justin Bieber’s hit song “Sorry.”

Almost all of the Men’s Dance Team had never danced in a choreographed dance in front of large audience. In years past, the Men’s Dance Team has been a crowd favorite and this year was no different. They came on near the end of the Aries show which rounded out this amazing show put on by all of the dance teams.

Many of the dance team members found a new respect for what the dance team does and all the hard work and time they put in to it. “Dancing was definitely harder than I expected. I have so much more appreciation for what the girls do and how hard they work.” said Senior Grady. Men’s Dance Team member Josh describes his time of the team as “ a life changing experience” and it is something he will never forget. Apart from the dancing the team bonded. Sean Kormaz said his favorite part was “waiting around in the scene room before we went on stage. It was just all the boys having a good time and bonding.”

The Men’s Dance Team attributes their success to the dance team that helped them prepare and went over and over the choreography until the the boys could do it in their sleep. Overall all of the dance teams did a tremendous job putting on an excellent show for students, parents and the community.

Written By: Mollie Crook