Diving to Success


IMG_2771.JPGFrom 6 am practices to dry land workouts, our waterpolo team has trained vigorously for this year’s season. The team ended victoriously winning 20 games out of the 25 they played. Erin and Maddie Ross have been playing for 5 years, and as freshmen they played their first year on the Newport Harbor team. Erin was very proud with the teams progress and also with how strong and close the team was, as she tells us “I loved it. The whole team became very close from all the morning practices and the afternoon practices.” IMG_5421Her good experience also extends to how she loved that “Everyone is so kind to each other and everyone bonded. Even the freshmen and seniors.” Ending the season with success, swim season has just started for spring. IMG_5267It is during this time that swimmers begin diving in Newport Harbor’s pool, and Waterpolo continues training. As polo players and swimmers train together this season, we wish that swim season will also have great success. Go Sailors!

Written By: Solange Pinon